What to Expect

How we'll spend our 21 Days together

  • 21 Day Guide + Eating Plan

    Included is a downloadable guide to your #fitandfeelgoodin21 day programme. Laying out tips to succeed, and how to complete the programme. Plus a day-by-day eating guide with over 35 recipes and weekly shopping lists. Including your 500kcal fasting days

  • Your Daily Workouts (Bodyweight Only)

    Included is your downloadable workout schedule plus 5 x 30-40min workouts specifically designed to work the whole body and sculpt muscles for a feminine look. All workouts are bodyweight only and rotated across the week to give you the best workout format for results

  • Bonus Workouts

    Included are 3 BONUS WORKOUTS from our Inner Circle LIVE workout programme to give you a taste of how we workout together. These require a set of dumbbells and a kettlebell and are there to help you take your workouts to the next level.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    START HERE (This is the set up for success section)

    • WELCOME FROM ME TO YOU! Unfold the programme step by step...

    • Win a free Month in our Inner Circle!

  • 02

    Your Downloads

    • Download your 21 day guide

    • Download your BODYWEIGHT workout schedule

  • 03

    Your Bodyweight Workout Videos

    • Booty Cardio Workout

    • Booty Plyometric Workout

    • Upper Body Conditioning 1

    • Upper Body Conditioning 2

    • Ab Blast

  • 04


    • Get a taste of the Inner Circle!

    • BONUS! Metabolic Meltdown 3

    • BONUS! Pilates 34

    • BONUS! 60 Min Bodyweight Tabata

Social proof: testimonials

“I lost 10lbs in 21 days and was over the moon. I am always on-off-on-off a diet and can't find anything I can stick with. The 21 day format is perfect and so motivational as there's a quick end point. The eating plan is so easy though I can stick to the principles long term making this probably the only eating plan I will stick with.”


Sheena Whittle

“I lost 5kg in 21 days and am beyond happy! That stubborn baby weight that I just haven't managed to lose in years has finally come off. I'm less bloated, my stomach is flatter and I feel amazing for consistently eating well and working out. A programme I will repeat over and over.”


Paulomi Bhandra

“The convenience of being able to do the workouts at any time was brilliant, but the focus of the 21 day format knowing everyone was doing it really motivated me to do them each day. I then upgraded to the inner circle and have loved the live workouts that I can join or watch back later. The variety of workouts are great.”

The Inner Circle

Marion Dykes

Your Trainer

KT Chaloner

I am KT Chaloner, Creator and Founder of Fit+Feelgood. I'm also 40+ and love my body! It's a privilege to feel this way and I want to help as many people as I can also grab some love for their body. So it doesn't look as tight and taught as it did when I was 20, but I didn't appreciate it half as much then. I now love my body for what it can do. It's strong, vibrant, healthy and fit.

KT Chaloner

Founder of Fit+Feelgood

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Not sure we're right for you?

  • Am I too old if I'm way over 40?

    Hey there lady, age is just a number! How old do you feel? We all come in many different packages and 90+ women have run marathons before now. So, it all comes down to how medically fit you are to take part. Each course will state the intensity, experience required and exercises to avoid. So be sure to read over each one before you buy. For your own comfort you should always seek medical advice before joining a course though and if in doubt just email me some details about you and we'll figure it out.

  • Can I do these workouts if under 40?

    Of course! We are not ageist! We love everyone at any age. The reason we say over 40 is because we need to pick a category - and well, I am over 40! Exercise can be done by anyone, it's just we change the how for different age categories. However, at my studio I have 20-60 working out together. It all depends on you. Why not give our trial workout a go and see what you think?

  • How fit do I need to be?

    You can't get fit until you start, so I'd suggest you start! HOWEVER, there are courses clearly labelled beginners, so that's your best bet. Don't go diving into intermediate and advanced courses or at best we put you off exercise for life and at worst, you'll injure yourself.

  • Do we need equipment for the workouts?

    We have a selection of courses available and some need weights and some don't. Each course will clearly state what's required equipment wise in the course overview. Where equipment is needed some people have come up with some genius alternatives. They have used a rucksack filled with books for a kettlebell and water bottles filled with sand or water for dumbbells. How creative can you be?

  • Can I do these workouts with injuries of medical conditions?

    Tough one! If you were at my studio we would do a thorough consultation and movement analysis, but online doesn't give us that luxury. So, if you're injured or have medical issues then you should speak with a medical practitioner like your GP first and ask what they think. you should not do this programme if you're post surgery or currently taking medication without first seeking medical advice.

  • Can I do these workouts if pregnant or recently given birth?

    I'm afraid the answer is NO, unless they clearly state for pregnant women. Although exercise CAN BE safe for pregnant women it is on a case-by-case basis and I would 100% want to have a face to face consultation with you first. I do have pregnant clients in my online groups, but I've worked with them for a long time face to face before online. If you would like private tuition just drop me an email as we are ante/post natal trained.

  • Should I follow the nutrition guides if I have specific dietary requirements?

    If you have dietary issues like Diabetes, Celiac, IBD or anything else that is affected by what you eat you SHOULD NOT follow our nutrition guides. These guides are simple recommendations of what you could eat and are not individualised to people who may have food intolerances, allergies or dietary related medical conditions. ALWAYS speak with your GP or nutritionist.

  • If I'm underweight can I do this programme?

    No. If you're underweight (under your recommended BMI) you should not undertake our programmes.

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