Fancy 7 Guided Ab & Core Workouts?

Workout in just 15-minutes!

This course is totally FREE! It's our way of introducing you to what we do without you having to make a financial commitment. By enrolling, you'll receive daily workouts focused on firing up your abs and core. Filmed in real-time with Hannah - one of our amazing instructors - just press play and workout as if you were in one of our classes at the studio.

Course curriculum

    1. Read Me To Know What's Coming.


    1. Day 1 Ab Workout

    2. Day 2 Ab Workout

    3. Day 3 Ab Workout

    4. Day 4 Ab Workout

    5. Day 5 Ab Workout

    6. Day 6 Ab Workout

    7. Day 7 Ab Workout

About this course

  • Free
  • 7 Workouts
  • A Mat




Hannah Wright

A Level 3 Personal Trainer with a degree in Dance, but don't worry if you have two left feet. She may cha-cha between exercises, but you don't have to follow along. With a background in Dance, moving into both Pilates and Personal Training was a natural progression for Hannah. Her movement quality is excellent and her degree has provided her with an excellent teaching style. Hannah has a wealth of experience in training, but also of managing other trainers to deliver excellent standards. Hannah has been based at my studio since 2020 and is currently spending some time travelling, so her videos come to us from various different locations!